Non abrasive cleaning

Non abrasive cleaning

Chewing gum removal

chewing gum removal

Chewing gum removal is yet another of the services we have on offer.

There’s no need to put up with those unsightly dark coloured dots all over your footpath or furniture anymore because they can be removed.

Weis contractors service vehicles are set up with everything they need for chewing gum removal.

Stephen and Christine have successfully completed Green R Clean training in Operational Cleaning, Management and Development. This course has increased our awareness of Green Cleaning. As a part of our training we undertook an assessment of one of our diesel trucks. By updating this truck we were able to show and prove a saving on the amount of diesel used. As well as decreasing the cost of maintenance we were able to show a reduction in our carbon footprint.

In the past, when doing chewing gum removal, we would use a high pressure cleaner with hot water.

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Oil stain removal

Oil stains on your concrete not only look unsightly, but they are potentially a dangerous slip hazard.

Oil stains can be one of the more difficult stains to remove because oil is able to soak into porous surfaces like concrete. The type of oil spill effects the method we use in the removal process. Hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, cooking oil and engine oil that has carbon in it from the combustion process in your engine , will all require different process when it comes to cleaning up the mess.

It is important that oil is removed from the surface of the concrete as soon as possible to prevent it from soaking too far in the porous surface. If you have an oil spill, cover the area with sand, saw dust or even kitty litter as soon as possible to soak up as much of the oil as possible. Our technicians can clean this up too and dispose of it when we arrive.

The oil is first removed from the surface using heated water under pressure and then the entire area is neutralised and deep cleansed.

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Rust stain removal

Rust stain removal is one of the more challenging parts of our job. The trouble with rust stains is that the stain is being caused but small pieces of metal that are imbedded into the porous parts of the surface the stains are on. Like concrete for example.

At some point metal has been scraped along the surface. A kid’s bike being dragged, a toolbox or tools being dragged even a few inches, a petrol can from the lawn mower, anything made of metal that is placed on the ground and then pulled along would leave small metal “filings” on the surface of the concrete. Before long those filings find a minute hole to hide in and over time the rust begins to form. The brown stain that follows is because of that rust.

The challange with cleaning this sort of stain is that the cause of the problem is still there after the stain has been removed. You can go ahead and clean the surface and be immediately impressed with how nice it now looks. Only to be disappointed again in only a few weeks when the stain comes right back.

Weis Contractors are well aware of the cause of the rust stain and not only treat the symptom but also the cause.

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Water blasting

water blasting

Weis Contractors specialise in High Pressure cleaning and water blasting is one of our main services.

Some the benefits of water blasting are that a clean entry way always looks more appealing, it will be less slippery, will not contain mould or bird droppings and a clean surface can help avoid slip accidents.

With over 20 year’s of pressure cleaning experience, we can handle any sized job including paths and driveways, up to tennis courts and large car parks.

We can handle both domestic and commercial sized jobs.

We have current licenses for the use of town water and we use a ‘Rotowash‘ machine to help with maintaining an even clean. We use an 21 inch cleaning head as we find this easier on the user and results in a more thorough and even clean because we are able to maintain a more constant pressure throughout the job.

Once the bulk of the main area has been cleaned, we hand clean all the edges and then do a rinse down after the cleaning process to leave your surfaces looking new again. We can also apply a sealer agent to help prevent any further staining. Our technicians can discuss this as an option with you on the day.

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